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 INSIDE BOXING - Seconds Out!

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Inside Boxing - Seconds Out (58 min)  published Spring 2018. Inside Boxing is a documentary on professional boxing.

Inside Boxing is a candid, insiders’ view of the world of professional boxing. Everyone in the fight game is chasing the same goals – money, power, glory. Boxers’ bodies belong to promoters, but their hearts and souls belong to the world’s toughest and loneliest sport. Navigating the road to the top requires patience, toughness, nerves of steel, and a reliable team in their corner. There are no runner ups, only victory matters, only the winner remembered. Want to know more? Facebook, Youtube, Instagram 


John Mc Dermot, aka Big Bad JohnRetired heavyweight from Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex, England. The former English Heavyweight champion is ”the only fighter to beat Tyson Fury”  (CJ Hussein, INSIDE BOXING) but for ”one of the worst [decisions] ever witnessed” (Kevin Mitchell, The Guardian). ”You hate it when you’re doing it and when you don’t, you miss it.” (Photo: Phil Sharkey)


CJ HusseinTrainer at St Pancras Boxing Club, Kentish Town, UK. Warm heart, hot temper.  ”A fighter is like a prostitute, you’re gonna get used.”

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Kian "Tec Thomas.  Welterweight. from Kentish Town, UK. Has set his sights on an English title. ”Using your brain, trying to stay a bit more calm in the ring, is the best tool a fighter can have.”  (Photo: Phil Sharkey)


Davis Pagan.Super-welterweight from Basildon, Essex, UK. Counterpuncher who likes a tear up. ”It gives me a different mentality on life, there’s always more to give(Photo: Davis Pagan archive)


Nisse Sauerland - Team Sauerland. One of Europe’s most successful and influential boxing promoters, alongside brother Kalle and father Wilfried. ”You’ve got boxers and fighters. Fighters have got this glint in their eye, they’re actually enjoying hurting the other person. The audience will always rather watch the fighter.”


Juho “Härmän Häjy” Haapoja. Retired cruiserweight from Ylihärmä, Finland. Two-time European Cruiserweight title holder. 2017 Finnish Warrior of the year, voted for by Finnish boxing fans. ”Well, you’ve punched me twice, so I’ll hit you three times in return.”   (Photo: Jarmo Meriä)


Robert Helenius is a Finnish-Swedish heavyweight, born Stockholm. Twice European Heavyweight Champion. Holds Swedish and Finnish citizenship and has represented Sweden. ”There are some primitive animal instincts that kick in and you just feel it.” (Photo: Markus Sundman)


Amin “Idi” Asikainen. Retired middleweight from Kirkkonummi, Finland. Held Finnish, European and European Union Middleweight titles. ”Even winning the lottery would feel like nothing on a match day. Winning is the only important thing. It’s a matter of life and death.” (Photo:


 Edis “Prince” Tatli. Lightwieght from Hämeenliinna, Finland, born Prizren, Kosovo. Has held European Union and WBA Inter-Continental Lightweight titles. Former and current European Lightweight champion. Challenged for WBA World Lightweight title in 2014. ”The coach shouldn’t be too kind. He should have a twinkle in his eye.” ( (Photo:


Eva Wahlström.Super-featherweight from Loviisa, Finland. Former European Super-featherweight Champion, current WBA World Super-featherweight Champion. Her amateur career included two silver medals as a Lightweight. Finland’s most successful professional boxer and the first Finn to hold a world title from one of the four major sanctioning bodies. ”At first I lost for quite a long time. Then came the victories, and then I was completely unbeatable.” (Photo: